Expressing my soul through colour
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Colour lover, and daydreamer, I have been creative since I was a child. With a wild imagination, I have always seen concepts, and sometimes people in terms of colour. For many years I have been searching for the creative medium which portrays the colours and lights I see in my mind. Alcohol ink is it! I am thrilled to bring you artwork filled with life and spirit as an expression of my soul, through colour.

Amanda Fuller

Artist + Designer


What I Create

Wall Art

One-off original pieces on
canvas or paper


Decorative objects to fill
your world with colour



Hand-painted decorations for the Festive season

Exclusive COllection

Birthstone - inspired artwork
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My medium

Alcohol Ink Art

I paint through intuition using the medium of alcohol ink on canvas, synthetic paper and non-porous services. The fluidity and flow of these inks, along with the vibrancy of their colours fills my soul with joy. A joy I hope to share with you!

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